NINTENDO GAMECUBE(ニンテンドーゲームキューブ)

Developer: NINTENDO
Release date in Japan: 14th September 2001 
Media: GameCube Game Disc (8㎝ optical disc)
CPU: IBM PowerPC Gekko 485MHz
System memory: 40MB (main memory 24MB + auxiloary memory 16MB)
Sound: square wave 2ch + waveform memory 1ch + noise 1ch
Graphics: processed by Flipper of ATI technology
List price (Japan): 25,000 yen
NINTENDO GAME CUBE was released as a successor machine of NINTENDO 64 by NINTENDO in 14th September 2001.

NINTENEDO 64's difficulty to develop the game softwares caused the shortage of titles and this situation continued from the beginning to the end.
It was kept in mind that it should be easy to develop software by taking advantage of this failure. However, actually the number of shipments was less than that of the NINTENDO 64 due to the reduction in video game user and the slow sales of third party's titles,
The greatest feature of this console is based on the reflection of NINTENDO64, it was developed with the conception to easily create video games by high performance on high tability rather than the high instantaneous maximum performance. In addition, this is the first NINTENDO game console to introduce optical disc as media, which has the same size as an 8cm CD (so called "single CD" in Japan) and it enables high-speed data reading.
This console started from the previous generation and the lack of sales of software other than .