Developer: NINTENDO
Release date in Japan: 21st April 1989
Media: ROM cartridge (GB)
CPU: SHARP LR35902 4.19MHz
Sound: square wave 2ch + waveform memory 1ch + noise 1ch
Difinition: 4 gradation monochrome
List price (Japan): 12,500 yen

GAMEBOY is the first portable gaming console of NINTENDO, and It was released in April 1989. The Japanese domestic sales reached 1,242,000, and the total sales was 50,000,000.

GAMEBOY is a portable game console released as a next-generation game device for GAME & WATCH series, a handheld game console which have been sold more than 12,800,000 in Japan.

Its ruggedness is very well known and is designed to be rugged with rigorous endurance testing on the body because it is usually handled by children.

NINTENDO provided U.S. soldiers with the gaming consoles to kill time during the Gulf War in 1991. After end of the war, One console was found at the barracks collapsed by the airstrike. Although the body exteiror was badly burnt, there was no problem inside. And it is very famous that the GAMEBOY works normally still now.