Kudo(空道) is a Japanese martial art style of Daido Juku, an Budo organization derived from Kyokushin Kaikan(極真会館), a big full contact Karate school in Japan. The martial art is categorized as one of the jacket MMA which includes the techniques of not only striking but also throwing and grapling.
In addition, Daido Juku is regarded as the first Karate school which allows to strike the face and rules contenders to wear on a face mask and special open finger gloves in the games of Daido Juku.
Takashi Azuma is the founder of Daido Juku. He was originally a Karate fighter of Kyokushin Kaikan and won the 9th All Japan Karatedo Championship tournament in 1977. In 1981, Azuma Takashi established his own school, Daido Juku, in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture.
Minoki Ichihara is an famous contender of Daidojuku in the early 1990s. Plus, It is notable that he was the first Japanese fighter to enter the UFC game and fought against Royce Gracie in the tournament match of UFC 2 in 1994.