NINTENDO 64(ニンテンドー64)


Developer: NINTENDO
Release date in Japan: 23th June 1996
Media: ROM cartridge
CPU: MIPS 64-bit RISC R4300i custom 93.75MHz(a bustomized NEC VR4300)
System memory: NEC RAMBUS DRAM 36Mbit
Sound: stereo ADPCM 6bit
Graphics: 256×224 ~ 640×480 dot, RGBA 21bit color (maximum 32bit color)
List price (Japan): 25,000 yen

NINTEND 64 is the NINTENDO's first video game console with full-scale 3D comaptivility, and they can play many games to experience freely 3D spaces such as "Super Mario 64" that allow you to freely experience 3D space. In aditions, the titles were released to use their good operatabilties as selling pint .

Certainly it was a game machine with excellent specifications, but not only was SONY's PLAYSTATION was sold explosively worldwide at the time, but some killer titles which continued as a series in Family Computer (NES) and Super Famicom (SNES)  had been sold for NINTENDO 64. Its sale were released on PlayStation, and the sale has been sluggish from beginning to end.