Developer: NINTENDO
Release date (Japan): 21th July 2004
Media: ROM cartridge (DS card & GAMEBOY ADVANVCE ROM cartridge)
CPU: ARM946E-S 67 MHz (main CPU) & ARM7TDMI 33 MHz(sub CPU)
Sound: 16ch ADPCM/PCM, built-in stereo speakers
Difinition: TFT color LCD, 192*256, 262,000 colors
Wireless LAN: IEEE 802.11
List price (Japan): 15,000 yen

NINTENDO DS was a handheld video game console released by NINTENDO in 2004.
The Japanese sales was 4020,000, and the global sales was recorded 15,4020,000,
This recorded the highest sales of NINTENDO's all-time game consoles.

The titles exceeds 1,800 works and This is the largest number of titles for Japanese handheld game consoles.

NINTENDO DS was originally developed as backwards compatible machine with GAMEBOY ADVANCE, and ROM cartridge of the titles for GAMEBOY ADVANCE can be played on the early models of NINTENDO DS.

In addition, NINTENDO DS equips its network communication system and wireless communication as communication functions. It enhanced its extehndability and enabled NINTENDO to acquire many users

The development concept of the NINTENDO DS is the re-expansion of the game population, which had been declining at that time, and the company tried to release various software that is not bound by video games under their slogan "Touch! Generations" which NINTENDO has been developing since 2005. As a result, the company has achieved commercial success with the acquisition of users of various generations.

The dual screen system is the biggest feature of NINTENDO DS, this reminds us of GAME WATCH series which had been released by NINTENDO in the eraly days in 1980s before NES (Family computer) had explosive sales.