Developer: NINTENDO
Release date in Japan: 20th November 1990
Media: ROM cartridge, SF memory casette, SuFami Turbo
CPU: 16bit 65C816 Ricoh 5A22 3.58MHz
Sound: PCM sound featured by S-DSP(DSP) and controller S-SMP (SPC 700 core) 1.024 MHz (input 24.576 MHz)
Difinition::32,576 colors [Progressive] 256×224 (8:7), 512×224 (16:7), 256×239 (256:239), 512×239 (512:239) [Interlaced:] 512×448 (8:7), 512×478 (256:239)
List price (Japan): 25,000 yen

SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) is known as Super Famicom in Japan,the console was sold in 1990.
It was developed as a successor to NES (Family Computer). Although it was a latecomer among the same generation videogame consoles such as PC Engine and Megadrive, it recorded the highest number of shipments following NES.
As on 1993, the sales in Japan recorded 11,360,000 pcs and also it recorded 14,160,000 pcs in U.S.A.
SNES has the first-class catalog specifications of the same era, such not only image processing functions such as multiple scrolling of the background and rotation and the function of, enlargement and reduction display but also PCM sound source.