virtual boy
virtual boy

VIRTUAL BOY(バーチャルボーイ)

Developer: NINTENDO
Release date in Japan: 21th July 1995
Media: ROM cartridge
CPU: NEC V810 20MHz
Sound: Waveform memory sound source 5ch
Difinition: 384*224
List price (Japan): 15,000 yen

VIRTUAL BOY was 32-bit tabletop portable video game console released by NINTENDO in July 1995. The Japanese domestic shipment volume was only 150,000, and the global shipment was only 770,000.

At that time, PLAY STATION (SONY) and SEGA SATURN (SEGA)  made competitive battle in the market shares of the global video game, and NINTENDO faced a challenge for sales of this video game console.

Although it is hard to say that the console got commercial success, it can be said that there was a great deal of foresight in trying to introduce the immersive feeling of 3D and virtual reality on VIRTUAL BOY with the technologies in 1995.