[Digital tuner / Digital metronome] YAMAHA Digital tuner / Digital metronome TDM-70PG

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This is YAMAHA Digital tuner / Digital metronome TDM-70PG, it include only the package.


Yamaha Tuner Metronome TDM-70PG is equipped with a dual function that allows you to use the tuner and metronome at the same time. You can check the correct pitch while doing basic training using the metronome.

It is equipment a genuine major third and genuine minor third guide marks that are convenient for creating just intonation sounds
The display is a liquid crystal display and the LED lamp blinks.
Tempo: 40 ~ 208 (1 step, pendulum, metronome scale can also be set)
Time signature: 0 to 7 beats, doublet, triplet, triplet, quadruple, quadruple with tap function
With volume stepless adjustment (dial type)
Equipped with auto power off function (about 20 minutes)